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Top Business Ideas in Perth

Posted By on July 29, 2014

Do you want to start your own business with a minimal investment? If yes, then you’re just one of the many people planning to push their luck in the business world.  To give you a head start, we have rounded up the common businesses in Perth, Western Australia that you can jumpstart as well. Read on!

Businesses in Perth


This tops our list as food is an absolute necessity to everyone. While you may think that you need a larger amount of capital to start this kind of venture, it is no longer the case. You don’t have to build a restaurant or a food-court just to sell foods. You can always to do it at home and sell what you’ve cooked or baked to your friends, relatives and neighbors. You can also baked cookies, cupcakes and other goodies and have them as gift items. While you need money for this, a little culinary skill will also help.

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell is no longer new. With the advent of media, you will surely get costumers to try your products. You can start selling clothes, bags, accessories, gadgets, beauty products or shoes bought from wholesalers. It is best to sell products that are trendy. In other words, you should have a feel of what customers are looking for.


The need for flowers is never-ending. Customers buy them for various reasons – a gift to special someone, decorations for weddings and even in burials. While starting this kind of Business in Perth is ideal for people who love gardening, anyone can open a florists. Besides if you have the capital and you are passionate about it, then nothing should hinder you.


If you have enough money to build your own hotel in Perth WA, go for it. Travelers are always in need of clean and comfortable place to stay in after a tiring day. You can offer a standard room with a simple bed and bathroom or a luxurious suite with complete amenities.

Photography business

If you love taking photos and you are passionate about it, make the most out of your skill and start running your photo studio. With weddings, birthdays and other special events, photographers are now in demand. If you don’t have enough capital to open a firm, you can start this business in your own and hire skilled photographers later.

Courier Company

While there are already establish courier companies that you have to compete against, opening your own courier company still makes sense. There are several businesses that need their mails delivered immediately. To beat the more established firms, make sure that your business’ mantra is “fast and efficient delivery service.

Other than start-up capital, you will only need a few ideas to inspire you with your investment. Then, once you have started your business, make sure to bring it to the next level. Who knows, maybe you will be one of those who started small but grow their business eventually. This is not impossible, so long you are focus and dedicated to your business venture.